Schurr-High-SchoolSchurr High School
Montebello Unified School District
Montebello, Ca.

Sewage Loss, Asbestos Abatement

In July 2015, Maïer responded within 30 minutes to a raw sewage spill at Schurr High School in Montebello. The sewage affected the library, three bathrooms, and a janitorial/mechanical room. Maïer performed emergency cleanup services under the direction of an industrial hygienist. Unaffected contents were removed to a clean location, then the affected areas were dried and sanitized. After cleaning, sanitizing and drying were completed, clearances were passed on the first try.

A special challenge encountered on this project was the presence of a built-in metal cabinet on a rail system that could not be removed or moved to another location. In order to solve this problem, Maïer was able to open the walls and the edges without damaging the rail system, to clean and sanitize the concrete below it. Clearances for all areas were obtained, and Maier’s crew proceeded with the reconstruction.

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