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The complexity of drying buildings is something Maïer is familiar with. Our experienced personnel have seen every type of water damage imaginable. At Maïer, we understand the need for immediate, efficient response to water damage. That’s because drying is our only business; and we know how to do it right.

Maïer personnel start every structural damage incident by walking the building and mapping out the damaged surfaces. This assessment will allow us to uncover the extent of the loss. Equipment such as moisture detection devices will be used to ensure proper coverage of the loss area. Once a baseline has been determined and parameters are set, the drying process can be planned out, taking into account our client’s needs. Issues such as building usage and the importance of keeping certain areas accessible to building personnel are discussed and planned accordingly, allowing client access to the damaged areas, if desired. Open communication at this stage is crucial. The drying plan will be agreed upon by both parties prior to implementation.

The building will typically dictate how the recovery process is carried out. Maïer takes into account the building materials, age, size, and layout. This knowledge allows us to determine the type of equipment and resources needed to effectively complete the work. At the start of the drying process, clear notifications are posted to prevent any safety issues, standing water is extracted, debris removed, content repositioned, and temporary power is set up. The knowledge of where to place the drying equipment is key to effectively dry water-damaged structures quickly and in a cost effective manner. This is where Gil’s 20+ years of drying experience provides valuable expertise.

During the drying process, we monitor and track the progress of our operation. We will make necessary changes and reposition the equipment as needed obtain the best results possible. Once dried to a satisfactory level, we complete a full report and deliver it to the client. The building will then be handed back to the owner.

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