Environmental, Commercial and Government Emergency Response

Our 5 Fundamental Steps to Rapid Response

STEP 1. Respond

Maïer is ready for all emergencies 24-7-365 days a year. We will return your call within minutes and immediately deploy our assessment team to your site. Even while in transit, we will begin assisting you in mitigating further damage or with marshaling additional resources to start the recovery process. In most cases, Gil Ramirez, Maïer’s President, is personally involved in handling emergencies to guarantee your satisfaction.

I love the fact that Gil is so hands-on with every job we call in,Rick Henry, Los Angeles Unified School District

STEP 2. Assess

At the site, Maïer personnel will assess the damage and determine the equipment that will be required to properly complete the restoration process. Our inspection of the site includes a visual assessment of affected building materials and air handling systems. Because water flows can often create damage far beyond what the naked eye can see, we use thermal imaging cameras and moisture measuring instruments to precisely map out the damaged areas, thus eliminating the guesswork that can result in more damage and higher costs later.

Maïer’s dependable experts in the field deliver as they say they will with fair pricing. They are a customer satisfaction oriented company” Sue Churchill, Chaffey Joint Union High School District.

STEP 3. Plan

Upon making a thorough assessment of the situation, a plan for recovery is mapped out and the restoration process can begin. We will provide a reliable estimate of equipment, labor, and time to thoroughly dry out your building and its contents. We’ll take your business needs into consideration to effectively formulate the most cost effective recovery plan that enables you to get back to business as quickly as possible. By allowing you to work around us while we do what’s necessary to dry your building, you can continue to be productive during the recovery process.

STEP 4. Initiate

Some services such as extracting water, removing debris, repositioning contents, and supplying temporary power may have to be completed prior to starting the drying process. Since all water damage incidents are unique, we factor in all possible variables before we set up and initiate our state-of-the-art equipment. Within hours, our dehumidifiers will rapidly dry the moisture-laden air inside your building. This creates a marked difference in vapor pressure allowing for the release of latent moisture from building materials, contents, and wall cavities, ensuring a thoroughly dried workplace in just a few days.

STEP 5. Documentation

One of the most important fundamental steps is the proper completion of the drying process. Often, inexperienced companies will terminate their drying efforts after several days because the air seems dry, the walls feel dry, and everything appears to be “normal.” We go a step further, walking the site with you one final time, and using the same instruments that mapped out the water damage during the assessment stage, we will confirm that the drying is truly completed.

We’ll help you plan ahead.

Quick response to a disaster can save both money and lost time. We’ll be happy to help you create a water damage disaster plan to effectively respond to water or fire events at your properties.

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