Hardwood Floor Drying

Probably the most complex of all water damage issues to resolve is the hardwood floor. With a multitude of hardwoods being used throughout the marketplace, just knowing how each different wood type reacts to moisture is in itself complex.

Maïer has successfully restored many water­damaged hardwood floors for schools and universities and we’ve become experts at restoring gymnasium floors. Our techniques are also very effective for department stores, theaters, custom homes and even bowling alleys.

Having the knowledge to dry hardwood floors gives Maïer an advantage over the competition when it comes to this sort of loss. It is important to be aware of several things when drying a hardwood floor: which direction to dry the floor, how to make sure enough dry air is infiltrating underneath the hardwood to the affected areas, and when dry is dry enough. An over­dried hardwood floor can result in even more damage.

The initial assessment stage is important for all floor losses. Maïer personnel assess the extent of damage on every job. During the initial assessment, we determine the wood type, the extent of water intrusion, and the environmental conditions that will affect the drying process.

In the same fashion that we dry buildings, Maïer maps out the extent of the water­damaged surface. Our experienced personnel will constantly monitor the progress of the drying process, which will help us determine the best plan of action.

The building will typically dictate how the recovery process is carried out. Maïer takes into account the building materials, age, size, and layout. This knowledge allows us to determine the type of equipment and resources needed to effectively complete the work. At the start of the drying process, clear notifications are posted to prevent any safety issues, standing water is extracted, debris removed, content repositioned, and temporary power is set up. The knowledge of where to place the drying equipment is key to effectively dry water-damaged structures quickly and in a cost effective manner. This is where Gil’s 20+ years of drying experience provides valuable expertise.

During the drying process, we monitor and track the progress of our operation. We will make necessary changes and reposition the equipment as needed to obtain the best results possible. Once dried to a satisfactory level, we complete a full report and deliver it to the client. The building will then be handed back to the owner.

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