Document Drying and Recovery Services

Keeping you in business when a disaster hits is something Maïer does extremely well. Important books, documents, files, X­rays, blueprints, audio and video tape, microfilm, microfiche and artwork can all be salvaged from water damage, if recovery occurs in a timely manner. Maïer’s quick response and resources will save your water­damaged documents.

Once on site, Maïer will assess the documents for water content and other physical damage. Mold, staining, and wrinkling can be some of the issues that occur when dealing with water damaged materials. The damaged documents will be transported off site to our facilities for the drying process to commence. When we complete the drying and restoration process, the restored documents will be returned to you.

In some instances, Maïer’s effort may not completely reverse the damage to the documents. Unfortunately some damage is irreversible, but Maïer offers the option of reproducing paper and electronic copies for safe handling.

The building will typically dictate how the recovery process is carried out. Maïer takes into account the building materials, age, size, and layout. This knowledge allows us to determine the type of equipment and resources needed to effectively complete the work. At the start of the drying process, clear notifications are posted to prevent any safety issues, standing water is extracted, debris removed, content repositioned, and temporary power is set up. The knowledge of where to place the drying equipment is key to effectively dry water-damaged structures quickly and in a cost effective manner. This is where Gil’s 20+ years of drying experience provides valuable expertise.

During the drying process, we monitor and track the progress of our operation. We will make necessary changes and reposition the equipment as needed to obtain the best results possible. Once dried to a satisfactory level, we complete a full report and deliver it to the client. The building will then be handed back to the owner.

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