San Clemente Elementary School
Capistrano School District
San Clemente, Ca.

Water Damage, Asbestos Abatement

In the first week of January, 2012, San Clemente Elementary School experienced extensive flooding when a creek overflowed, causing up to 3 feet of water, mud and debris in 16 buildings of the school. Maïer’s challenge was to get the school operational as quickly as possible, but the discovery of asbestos-containing tiles and mastic in the impacted buildings created asbestos exposure hazard to the crew and occupants. For that reason, in order to allow the school to remain open, Maïer recommended drying the carpeting in place, so the rooms could remain occupied. The rooms were cleared two rooms at a time, with carpet removed, tile and mastic abated, and new flooring installed by the flooring contractor. Maïer first completed the classrooms, then the administration, cafeteria and multi-purpose buildings. In the course of the seven week project, only three school days were lost.

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